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Learning Programs for Challenged Children

If you are the parent of a physically or mentally challenged child, Bethany Manor Foundation, Inc, wants you to know that you are not alone. We offer services such as early intervention and developmental learning programs that help your son or daughter develop important skills to function in school and other social settings

Programs & Services

Our foundation serves developmentally delayed or disabled children as well as typically or normally developing children between the ages of 18 months and five years old. Bethany Manor is licensed by the State Department of Social Services and has been named a vendor to provide services by the California State Department of Developmental Services through Harbor Regional Center. We offer services to children who may exhibit mental retardation resulting from various neurological disorders or syndromes and any of the following problems:

Cerebral Palsy | Autism | Sensory Integrative Dysfunction | Visual-Motor or Auditory Perception Problems | Various Learning Disorders | Delays or Disabilities in Gross or Fine Motor Development | Speech & Language Disorders or Delays | Down Syndrome

Group Therapy

Bethany Manor, an outpatient development learning center, presently offers a wonderful, fully inclusive and integrated program called "Kidz 'R Kidz." This program is offered in a group or preschool setting three times each week for three hours each day. 

Children are divided into four groups by age and developmental levels. The program is designed and carried out by our staff to meet our children’s developmental needs, including:

Speech & Language Development | Gross Motor Development | Fine Motor Development | Cognitive Development | Social/Emotional Development | Self-Help/Feeding Skill Development | Family/Parent Support & Training

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A Qualified Staff

Our wonderful staff and team includes our director who has a BA in Early Childhood Development, a registered Occupational Therapist, an Occupational Therapy Assistant, a speech/language specialist who has a B.A. in Oral Communication Disorders, and a number of qualified preschool teachers and aides. Parents are considered an important part of our team and are encouraged to participate with their children, if possible.

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